... here's our story ...


"November 2012, I purchased an X-Treme jacket for my little pug Halo. Included was a note from Jett announcing Yogi's retirement and move to Maui. Like the rest of you, initially I felt a little panicked! Pug Snuggly was the ONLY jacket that fit my puggies ...

Well, I couldn't get to the computer fast enough. E-mail sent and reply received. Jett and I ended up talking the next morning and, through many discovered similarities, a bond began to sprout. Since then, we've been in contact many times a week talking business and pugs.

Although I'm new to running a small business, my background in public relations, pug love and sewing experience should help me ramp up quickly.

Jett and Yogi's smart and comfortable jacket design -- genius. The numerous fabric combinations -- inspired. The key to the success of the brand -- their hearts.

With this in mind, I will embrace their vision and continue to dress our little darlings in love, warmth and protection.

A little more about me ...

I live on Mount Desert Island, Maine with my husband, our teenage daughter, two fawn pugs and a cat. I've been the "at home" person since our daughter's birth and actively volunteer at our local shelter. Our pugs, Velma and Halo, are sisters rescued from a puppy mill in Tennessee. They are little angels and, as we all know, can be little devils!"

Doe Wright
Bar Harbor, Maine

P.S. 2017 update! Velma and Halo are now 12 years old and are still their loving, silly selves. Our daughter, Sydney, is 20 and attends Syracuse University studying Inclusive Elementary and Special Education.


"This is me, Yogi, and my mom, Jett. I was born 3/20/2003 at Wrinkle Ranch, in Grass Valley, California.

Let's see, it all started last winter when the weather began to get cold. My mom decided to make me a little coat to keep me warm on my walks. After several attempts of styles, shapes and sizes, the perfect fit was reached to match my unique physique. The Pug Snuggly® By YOGI was born. The patented design was specifically created for the Pug dog breed. It even is Pug proven.

The unique design allows for an easy-on, easy-off application. There is only one strap, the belly strap, necessary to secure the coat. This is a wonderful feature, especially for people who may have trouble with buttons, latches or a wiggle worm Pug!

We have placed special attention to our little Pug(s)' tails as well. The Pug Snuggly® By YOGI has a special place for the tail to rest. Our little boys were not overlooked either, yes, there is good clearance for those leg lifts."

2017 update! Jett lives with her family in beautiful Maui. Sweet Yogi crossed over the rainbow bridge May 2017. He is always in our hearts and is greatly missed.

May all the little Pugs in the world always be held with Love 
And Warmed with a Pug Snuggly® By YOGI