... more snorts, grunts and snuffles



Hi Doe... a new picture of Philbert rockin’ his spring coat... A perfect fit!  Talk soon, Shelley
 Lady Isabella, NYC

Thank you for making such great quality coats. Our Pugs love them so much that they have pictures of them on their blog. Here is a link to their site.

Thank you again. Julie Irvine

Lord Byron, NYC

Hi Doe,

The finery has arrived. It's just perfect ... Fits him perfectly ... The beanie is the cutest thing ever ... It's a cold rainy day here in London ... So the coat and hat will be tried out this eve.

... next day ...

Albert is so loved at work. He has his friends stop over to play ... he loves it. He's got all his comforts at work. And he loves his commute to work on the train, that's why it's v important to have good outerwear for winter. I like for him to have a new coat and wardrobe every winter!

Thank you so much. Shilpa

Albert Patel, Ready for his daily commute to work with his mom!
London, England

            Dear Doe,

Ruby and I thank you for her gorgeous Minky and her comfy Yogi Spa! We are in CT this weekend and it was perfect! She is warm and cozy in it! And it fits beautifully. Warm regards....and pug hugs!

Patsy and Ruby

Dear Doe, Velma & Halo,

Just been for a walk by the beach today, in our lovely Polar Pup coats, they are so warm and cosy. Few pics enclosed. Hope you are all well.

Love from Georgie & Alfie, xx

Doe, Velma, & Halo,

Thank you very much for the Winter Noah with matching Chilly Beanie! We were very impressed with the high quality and fast shipping. Now Frankie will be nice and toasty on those snowy New England days. Both items fit his pug frame perfectly and he looks even more handsome than ever sporting his new gear! We highly recommend the product and will definitely do business with Pug Snuggly by Yogi again... The warning on the website about not being able to own just one really is true!

Thanks again, 
Rich, Lindsey, & Frankie

This is Frankie Bean Ostermaier, 6 years old. We get stopped almost daily because of how cute she looks in her coat. She is the most stylish dog in our neighborhood

Have a great day. Leah


This is my little Otis in his new Pug Snuggly. We love it! Thank you. Michelle French

A perfect fit! Thanks a million.

Meganne and Trixie

Hi Doe, 

Sandy just wanted to give you a great big thanks for her beautiful new coat. Before we found Pug Snuggly, we couldn’t find a coat to fit her. She is a pug mix, but she has the deep chest and if the coat fit her in length, it wouldn’t go around her body. We walk at night, and in the Arizona mountains, it gets really cold. Her new Luxury Polar Pup Coat is warm and snuggly. Please keep making coats for the pugs and pug mixes out there. Thank you and happy holidays.

Pam Caster and Sandy


I bought my Pug Snuggly a few years ago and it still looks new. You make great quality clothing! This is Henry in last year’s snow.

I see you have added some new items, so I’m going to get something new for my boy.

Take care, Teresa Bradford

Gertrude loves her new coat. Perfect fit!  Thanks. :)
Thank you Pug Snuggly!  Coco Hall


I took a couple of pics of Bella last eve...one with her Chilly Beanie...and one with her Pugsnuggly coat and beanie. We are expecting 24 inches of snow starting tomorrow!....Bella is not gonna be happy ..at all!...Hope all is well with you.  Bonnie  

Absolutely LOVE IT!!! Captain Chunky!

Abby Fire

Finally got cold enough here for Samantha's Pug Snuggly Samantha is just 14 months old and apparently will forever be Tiny (~12 lbs)
She was 14 oz when we picked her up on Christmas 2010.
She is ALL Pug, but has been learning quickly.
We walk 2-3 miles every day, so she really needs her Snuggly.

Best Regards
Ed & Linda Brugel
We thought we would share with you some pictures of Samson Fellini staying warm on a 15 degree morning in Brooklyn, NY, in his new Christmas Pug Snuggly Extreme!
Christine and Malcolm
We have recently purchased a winter jacket for our pug named Panda. We absolutely love it! It fits her perfectly and she loves to wear it. (she thinks it's a blanket!) we got it right in time because we just got hit with a huge blizzard. It kept her nice and warm when she had to go outside. Anyways, we thought you might like to see some pictures of her in her jacket.
Received the Pug Snuggly yesterday afternoon. The colors in a photo don't show the richness of the material.  Anyway, as you can see, Oliver is very proud and happy to be wearing it.  It is perfect for a day that is moderately cool.  He will get lots of wear from it.
As always, another continuously happy customer!!! Giant hugs, Linda
Happy Little Camper

 ... let the grunting continue ...