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Brothers & besties!!! Toby Caraher & Cash Hawley

Dear Doe,

I thought you'd like a picture of LaLa in her exclusive fuchsia and silver jacket!  She loves it!

Thanks very much for making it.  I'm so happy to have my Pug Snugglies go from generation to generation!

All my best,


Received the new coat this morning. It is so cute and fits perfectly. I am sure you hear this a lot, but thank you for having these available. My pug, Theo, is a senior rescue with many physical “defects” but-to me he is perfect.
Caroline Nordstrom and Theo
Thank you so much Doe for the wonderfully warm and 'trendy' coats that are helping keep Roxy and Maude warm, especially as we now have snow in the UK!
Roxy (on the right) is now 11 and has had her Waterproof Adventure Camo for a few years now and it still looks as good as new!  Maude (on the left) who is 7 has been treated to a new X-treme Ski Jacket which was custom made and delivered in no time at all.
I can't recommend these wonderful jackets enough - thank you, thank you, thank you :) 
Keri Tillyer

I originally got a jacket given to me from a friend for my pug Maddie. I then purchased some for my pug Maddie and her brother Baxter the Boston Terrier. 

So we have a Baby goat that is sickly and needed a coat. I put Baxter’s red coat on her. 

Here is a picture of Caramel in Baxter’s coat. 

Thank you again for your wonderful coats

Deirdre Beck

Caramel Beck, Hardwood Heights, IL

Here is our sweet Bella in her new Sun Shiny Day Rain Hoodie!!  She is going to be 15 in April, and it’s tough to get a decent picture of her anymore. She has lost weight so none of her other coats fit her. Honestly, this is the best fitting coat she’s ever had, and it’s perfect for rainy days - she has always hated getting wet!
Thanks for a great quality coat that’s easy to get on and off and that we can just clip a leash to. And I love that it’s made in America!  Have a wonderful Christmas!


Bella Ihasz, Fredonia, NY
Hello Doe,
Purchased this coat for my pug, Ivory Ann Marie.
It’s not only well made, fits her perfectly and
she truly looks forward to wearing it during these cold winter days.
Truly, I will only purchase from Pug Snuggly.
Thank You!
Kathleen Danek
Ivory Ann Marie, Harwood Heights, IL
My human ordered me a custom made coat from your website. We were having a hard time finding things to fit me well, and my sissy was teasing me because rolls of fat were poking through my old coat. Now I have a warm coat, and my human says it is well-made too. She even ordered one for my sissy, so we can match. Mine is special though because it's custom.She attached pictures of me and my sissy, Pearl. I am the handsome one with the blue blanket. Thank you for making coats for pugs.
Pug hugs,
Claude, Pearl, and our human, Alicia Skipper



Libby Zeitzer, Philadelphia, PA
Donated her too small "puppy" coats to PRoNE.
Thank you Libby!!

Clipper (foster) wearing Libby's coat
Pug Rescue of New England
Libby!! Thank you so much for the jackets! I sent them out this week and received a picture from 8 year old foster, Clipper. The jacket is a perfect fit and will really help him weather the upcoming chilly temps! Also, foster Millie found a perfect fit in the pink jacket!
Thank you again! Alicia, PRoNE

Pug Rescue of New England

Hi Doe. Thank you for the awesome hoodie! Guido has trouble walking and this helps keep him dry. 

The Ries family 

Hi Doe. Here's Chonga, at a young 10-years-old, loving the snow in her warm, fashionable plaid snuggly! Thanks for a really great product that actually fits her!

The Hall's
Dublin, Ohio
You are the BEST!!! Our new jacket is absolutely PERFECT! I cannot thank you enough. We got caught in the rain last night and Suki stayed nice and dry. I just LOVE the hood, it functions so well. The bright yellow color is perfect for night walks and the fleece liner is perfect for pug hair. We are getting so much joy out of just looking at him in his jacket, so freaking cute! It is hands down the easiest to use jacket (and best fitting) that we have ever owned. 
We used our “housecoat” over the weekend when we were working in the unconditioned garage. It was so perfect. I hope you are having a good holiday season. Thank you again!
Brooke and Suki
Dear Doe,
I lovvvve the housecoat and wool coat I received. My senior Pug loves them as well!! Max Kermit is 14. Wish I had known about you sooner!  The housecoat and wool coat are such great quality. 
Thank you for the beautiful note. I have been telling everyone I know about your line. 
I wanted  to submit a photo for you to put on your website of my beautiful boy. 
This is Max Kermit in Hoschton, Georgia 
Amberly Keefer
Hi Doe!
Wanted to share this pic of Marlee (rescue, age 12) cozy in the snow in her Pug Snuggly. It keeps her warm and comfy on her potty runs. Only type of coat that fits her properly! She has three. Thanks for such a wonderful product!
Dee Dee Drake from Arnold, CA

Hello Doe, Velma, and Halo.

We received our Pug Snuggly coats for Faith and Suki today. They fit perfectly. I have attached a couple photos. I will try to get better photos with my good camera. I did not have good lighting or cooperative subjects, so I just snapped these with my iPad. We took the measurements over their sweaters because in our very cold weather, they wear sweaters underneath their coats. We love the coats. Thanks so much for your awesome service.

Pug hugs,


Fort Smith NT, Canada

Hi Doe,
Thank you for the bath wraps and the raincoats for Cyclone and Griffey. It’s been very rainy in Seattle and these coats are a huge help. It’s been impossible to find coats to fit them until I discovered your site.
Rosanne Ross

Hi Doe!

I just wanted to thank you again for your amazing work (and such fast shipment for a custom order)!  Delmonico loves his new coat....and the undershirt is great!  The fit is perfect!

Have a happy Thanksgiving!
Patti & Delmonico

Quinton loves it, fits perfect! He truly is a luxury polar pup.

Quinton Gaffney, Highlands Ranch, CO

Hi Doe,

We wanted you to see our Olivia Rose (8 years old) in her Pug Snuggly coat. Perfect fit! Thank you. We love it.

Also, here she is in [The Undergarment]. We wear it for PJs on cold nights.

Susan and David




Foster and I love his Pugsnuggly, after more than 6 years! 

We just wanted to share how handsome he looked on our New Year hike. We go out every weekend, no matter the weather.  We don't get a lot of snow, but we get a lot of very cold rain and wind. Foster, 11-1/2 years old, is snug and chipper as he dashes about in his Pugsnuggly!  

Thanks for making these great coats!  Jana Burk

Our ancient madam, Momo, received her coat all way over here in Brisbane, Australia. She's a picky lass when it comes to her wardrobe and so I was prepared for the usual antics. Lo and behold, she's loved it at first sight.

Thank you for helping us keep our elderly lady comfortable in her 14th winter.

Cheers,  Kaz & Rich Wolf

Hi Doe,
Here's a photo of Percy in his awesome Pug Snuggly coat.  He took a nice walk with Olive the pug today, also in her fashionable PS outerwear. Enjoy!

Lucy Magnus (And Percy)  Very Happy Pug Snuggly Customers


Thanks so much for making such a beautiful, well-tailored and quality product for Ceci, our daughter's two year old pug/chihuahua mix. She loves to play in the snow and even though she lives in Manhattan, there's plenty on the ground right now. 

We thought you'd enjoy having these for your website.

You are a pleasure to work with and made this custom coat and hat in no time. We'll be back soon.

Best regards,  Pam Capasso

Hi Doe,

Trudie loves her new coat! She feels so pretty and warm.

Thanks so much! Happy Customer :)

Dear Doe,

It used to be really difficult to get Kitt into a coat, but now he runs to put on his Pug Snuggly.  It goes on so easily and keeps him nice and warm. He loves it!! He also loves his new X-Treme Ski Jacket, which works great in the wet weather!

Thanks so much! Best wishes, Judith Haber

Hi Doe,
I have three pugs and have bought several jackets from you over the years (including tonight). I thought I would share a photo of them wearing one of their jackets. We love Pug Snuggly! Thanks.
Lori Stanton, Happy Loyal Customer!

Hi Doe,

Suki has been wearing her lovely jacket in the house since we got it yesterday. It went below freezing last night, so she'll also be wearing her Chilly Beanie on her walk. Thanks so much for making an old pug so happy.  Jean

Hi Doe,
Thank you for making clothes that fit my Potato's weird little pug body. This coat is going to keep her warm and dry during the long Seattle rainy season! As soon as I put the coat on her, she immediately snuggled up into it. Usually clothes don't fit her neck or length and she seems uncomfortable, but this one is great!   Anna and Potato

Hello Pug Snuggly,Thank you! Fits him perfectly!

We will be ordering another one soon!!

Sue & Oliver

I wanted to share a quick picture of my 15 year old pug Arlo in his comfy PJs that you custom made for him a number of years ago. He's got some arthritis and back issues and his pug snuggly jammies keep him warm anytime we are in the house.

Thank you!!  Heather Edwards

Hi Doe, Just wanted to send you a picture of our pug Sally Reilly wearing your coat and hat. She loves it! It keeps her nice and warm.

Will be ordering a raincoat from you for Easter. Thank you for making such a great products.

Sally says its pawesome and gives you pug hugs.

Ann Marie Theroux

Hello Pug Snuggly, 

I am sending this photo for my Mom. This is her dog Chloe who is a much loved member of our family. My Mom loves your Pug coats and so does Chloe. They both appreciate that your company caters to the special clothing needs of Pugs and would love it if you would post this picture on your website. Thank you. 

Andrea Maiato

Dear Doe, Velma, & Halo,
Love love love our new coats! These especially came in handy during the SEC championship game! ROLL TIDE!

xoxo Mr. Pickles, Maggie, and Maurice

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